ISBN: 978-83-946939-0-9
Publisher: Start Polish
Number of pages: 132
Cover: paperback
Format: 21 x 29.5
Series: START
Level: A0, Survival Polish
Language: Polish

Start 1. A student’s handbook is material for learning Polish as a foreign language for beginners. It assumes work with the direct method, without the student’s mother tongue. Much emphasis is placed on consolidating the structures needed in everyday life as well as phonetic training. The grammatical material is consciously limited.
The manual includes an audio CD.

ATTENTION! Audio files are also available for download from https://startpolish.pl/pobierz/


START 1 Student Handbook Survival Polish


LESSON 1. Good morning!
LESSON 2. My office
LESSON 3. I’m hungry
LESSON 4. In the store
LESSON 5. My job
LESSON 6. My week
LESSON 7. What Time Is It?
LESSON 8. Months and dates
LESSON 9. I have an appointment
LESSON 10. Weekend


1) Lexical and communication content

Presentation in professional and social relations
Ordering food in a restaurant
Ordering a taxi, pizza, tickets
Reservation of tickets and table in the restaurant
Organization of the workweek in the company

2) Grammatical content

Conjugation of verbs: to be, to be called, to have, to work, to go, to drive, to cook, to like, to buy, to do, to sleep, to drink
Instrumental singular
Grammatical types of singular nouns and adjectives
Numbers 0-1000
Demonstrative pronouns
Interrogative pronouns
The accusative of nouns and adjectives in the singular
Possessive pronouns
Locative of nouns
Prepositions from, on, in, to
Compound conditional sentences, causes

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