ISBN: 978-83-946939-6-1
Publisher: Start Polish
Number of pages: 144
Cover: paperback
Format: 21 x 29.5
Series: START
Level: A2, Higher Beginner Polish
Language: Polish

The Start 3 textbook for learning Polish as a foreign language continues the assumptions of the entire series. The emphasis is put on the communicative approach. The main language skills are developed. Cultural and sightseeing contexts are introduced in an attractive way.
The manual includes a CD with audio recordings.

ATTENTION! Audio files are also available for download from https://startpolish.pl/pobierz/


START 3 Higher Beginner Polish

A textbook for learning Polish intends for work at A2 level (higher – beginners level). It contains 10 chapters intended for implementation in 120 lessons. It develops and systematizes communication competencies necessary at the initial stage of advancement. It includes, among others the following topics: describing the weather and atmospheric phenomena, reacting in emergency situations, making an appointment with a doctor, describing the well-being and symptoms of the disease, describing the appearance of people, reporting random events, describing everyday activities, presenting plans, expressing emotions, describing the professional situation and professional competences, describing the type, location, size, operating costs of an apartment, determining the location, describing the natural environment, climate and landscape, expressing opinions on ecological problems, describing kinship and relationships in the family, describing holiday customs, making wishes, determining the measure, weight and quantity.

We believe that the most effective way to learn a foreign language is the direct method. As a result, we have developed a series of START textbooks for learning at levels A0, A1, and A2. They fill a niche on the market of textbooks for learning Polish as a foreign language. We are not only the authors of a series of Polish language course books but also experienced teachers and founders of the Polish language school for foreigners – KLUB DIALOGU. Our many years of experience in working with foreigners guarantee the high quality of the content and methodology of the START series.

Thanks to the START method, students are naturally introduced to the language system and encouraged to speak Polish from the very beginning. The textbook does not focus on grammar, but rather serves as an aid in developing communication skills. Thanks to this, students do not feel overwhelmed with information, they discover and learn language rules step by step and can immediately use them in real situations. We recommend the handbook for work during language courses or for individual work with the help of a teacher. It can also be used for self-study by motivated learners but does not include any English explanations.

START 3 together with the START 1 Survival Polish and START 2 Beginner Polish textbooks allows you to work on a language course for 300 lessons.

Additional elements of the series are Workbooks and Lector’s Notebooks, i.e. about 200 pages of additional aids for the teacher and the student, which enable work based on the same grammar and lexical material.

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