Authors: Kamila Dembińska, Agnieszka Małyska

ISBN: 978-83-929561-2-9
Publisher: Start Polish
Number of pages: 175
Cover: paperback
Format: 21 x 29.5
Series: START
Level: A1, Beginner Polish
Language: Polish

The textbook for learning Polish as a foreign language, Start 2. Beginner Polish is a continuation of the textbook Start 1. The material from the first part is consolidated and developed here. In accordance with the assumption of the entire series, the student’s mother tongue and grammar comments are eliminated. The student is encouraged to discover the rules on their own.
The manual includes a CD with audio recordings.

LESSON 1: A Day Like Everyday
LESSON 2: After Hours
LESSON 3: Do You Know Where the Post Office Is?
LESSON 4: I Want to Travel!
LESSON 5: We’re Having a Party!
LESSON 6: Thank You No!
LESSON 7: I am looking for an apartment.
LESSON 8: What a Day!
LESSON 9: What Do You Look Like?
LESSON 10: A Pole Can

ATTENTION! Audio files are available at https://startpolish.pl/pobierz/

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