Series: START

Level: A1, Survival Polish

Language: Polish

Publisher: Start Polish

Lesson 5 – flipbook version 

The number of pages: 14 + covers and title pages

FLIPBOOK – What is this? 

An electronic version of the manual with the option of displaying on a computer or other device screen and zooming. A great tool for working with a projector or multimedia board, as well as during online lessons.

ATTENTION! Audio files to be downloaded from https://startpolish.pl/pobierz/ 



Start 1. The student’s textbook is material for learning Polish as a foreign language for beginners. The textbook assumes direct work without the student’s native language. Great emphasis was placed on consolidating the structures needed in everyday life as well as phonetic training, while grammar terminology was deliberately limited.

Lesson 5 My work 


– adjectives describing work and colleagues
– telling about your work and your office
– determining property
– adjectives naming nationalities


– possessive pronouns
– verb pracować conjugation
– pronunciation of sounds c and cz
– repeating the issues from lessons 1-5

Why buy just one lesson? 

It’s the perfect solution for undecided students considering buying a paper version of the textbook. It allows to carefully read the material and go through the recordings. It is also a good solution when you do not have a textbook with you and you need it urgently

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