ISBN: 978-83-946939-0-9
Publisher: Start Polish
Number of pages: 132
Cover: paperback
Format: 21 x 29.5
Series: START
Level: A0
Language: Polish

The workbook supplements the textbook Start 1. It is based on the same communication, lexical and grammar material as the textbook. It contains additional exercises to consolidate the acquired skills.


START 1 Exercise book

The exercise book is a supplement to the START textbook by the same authors. This supplementary book can be used by the student alone or together with a teacher to strengthen and reinforce the learning experience.  Consistent use of vocabulary and grammar in both this exercise book and the START textbook creates conditions for students to maintain key skills and ensures a successful learning experience. Authors of this popular and widely used series of textbooks for learning Polish as a second language are Kamila Dembińska and Agnieszka Malyska.  They are teachers and trainers, who in 2004 founded KLUB DIALOGU – a Warsaw, Poland based Polish language school. They also train other instructors the art of teaching the Polish Language as part of postgraduate studies as well as continuing education courses for those currently teaching Polish as a second language. We believe the most effective way of learning a foreign language is through the direct method. As a result, we developed the START Series of textbooks for learning at levels A0, A1, and A2. They fill a niche in the textbook market of learning Polish as a foreign language. We not only authored the series but also are experienced teachers and the founders of a Polish language school for foreigners – the KLUB DIALOGU. Our many years of experience in working with foreigners guarantees the high quality of the content and methodology of the START Series.

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