FLIPBOOK version

ISBN: 978-83-957525-4-4
Publisher: Start Polish
Number of pages: 80 and 8 boards
Series: START
Level: A1
Language of publication: Polish

Słowo daję! is a textbook for teaching Polish vocabulary at the elementary level (A1). It can be used as a guide, showing students and teachers natural ways to memorize lexical material easily, quickly and efficiently. The author used a multisensory approach; new information is transmitted through the auditory, visual and kinesthetic channels. The techniques and methods of memorizing words contained in the book are consistent with the natural mechanisms of human memory, the functioning of our brain, and the neurological and neurophysiological processes responsible for the act of learning. Various techniques of work are proposed: mind maps, generating entire linguistic structures, repeating, organizing, verbalizing, listening and categorizing. Thanks to this approach, the textbook is universal and can be addressed to both adults and schoolchildren, and most importantly – to people from different cultures.
The textbook Słowo daję! is a great help in introducing new lexical material in the classroom as part of a regular course, as well as for self-study at home.

ATTENTION! Audio files for download from https://startpolish.pl/pociąg/

What is FLIPBOOK version?

Electronic version of the manual that can be displayed on a computer screen or other device and enlarged. A perfect tool for working with a projector or a multimedia board, as well as during on-line lessons.

ATTENTION! This is not a downloadable PDF. The Flipbook version cannot be downloaded or printed.



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