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ISBN: 978-3-9817178-4-6
Publisher: Kolleg für polnische Sprache und Kultur Berlin
Number of pages: 156
Cover: soft
Format: 21 x 29.5
Series: START
Level: A1
Language: Polish

A textbook for learning Polish for children.

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The textbook “Start Hop”, written for children aged 8-12, is an interesting, well structured, and richly illustrated book, satisfying children’s need to explore the world, integrate with a group of peers, and communicate in Polish at school or in other everyday situations.

The teaching method used is proven in work with Polish children living abroad as well as with foreign children living in Poland, which guarantees success and learning satisfaction. The textbook employs a functional approach to language and an appropriate selection of vocabulary and grammatical structures. From the illustrated glossary at the beginning, each lesson can be used fully independently. Grammar is presented in fun and cheerful dialogues. The amount of material, as well as the order of new contents, were adapted to the way children of different ages learn. The ease with which foreign languages are acquired when learning in a peer group was also taken into account. According to the teaching instructions, each lesson unit is enough to master appropriately dosed material, for repetition and consolidation in subsequent lessons.

The attractive graphic design encourages children to reach for a book or a playbook with additional exercises, games, boards, and stickers. In the materials, you can find many ideas for exciting classes, as well as methodical tips. We hope that both the content and professional illustrations will encourage students and teachers to use our book.

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