Rumor has it that Polish is one of the most difficult of the world’s languages. There may be a bit of truth to this… We want to challenge this stereotype through our work, and for this reason, we take a holistic approach to language teaching: by teaching and developing our own materials.

We use a method that has proven itself in classes, as well as in preparing textbooks:

  • learners are fully immersed in Polish, with no references to their native language,
  • materials are precisely selected and carefully sequenced,
  • the context and situation of a conversation are used as an aid in comprehension,
  • comments on grammar and metalanguage are avoided,
  • the learner is exposed to patterns used in the language, which helps in the autonomous discovery of the rules governing the language,
  • as most adults have limited time for learning, the texts and lessons allow the learner to develop language use habits through frequent repetitions of the material during a class,
  • understanding the significance of proper pronunciation in acquiring language skills, phonetics exercises are an important part of the lessons.

Such an approach eliminates stress from the learning process and is very effective.